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Asian Hip pop : 'すべてを忘れて楽しもう'というメッセージを中毒性のあるリフレーンと緊張感あふれるダイナミックな構成に乗せ、楽しく歌うことが

Publié le 23 Novembre 2012 par Gri-Gri International



The group EXID, launched by the hit song maker and famous composer Shinsadong Tiger, is releasing their mini-album [HIPPITY HOP].

The composer Rado, who produced music for BEAST and MBLAQ, and Jun Gun who wrote the lyrics and music for "I need a Girl" by Big Bang's SOL, took part in the title song ' I Feel Good', with a stylish arrangement by Shinsadong Tiger, who is the ultra hit song maker for idol groups.

The addictive refrain and dynamic arrangement full of excitement contain the message of 'let's forget everything and have fun', with easy melody and beats to follow along to.

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