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Le Gri-Gri International           Satirique africain francophone

Né au Gabon en 2001

The new Public Enemy - I shall not be moved

Publié le 13 Juillet 2012 par dr www.legrigriinternational.com in Arts & culture

From the album Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp

© 2012 ENEMY Records Earth, Distributed by SPITdigital

Directed by David C. Snyder
Video Produced by Carl Ryder, David C. Snyder & Maura Snyder
Second Unit Director David Burk
I Shall Not Be Moved - http://j.mp/MvBbro
Produced by: Gary G-Wiz
Written by: Chuck D & Gary G-Wiz
Featured Dancers : The Get Down Gang
Sodda Pop Kid
Special Thanks to Justin Strong at Shadow Lounge