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Spéciale Nina Simone : Live in Holland 12th December 1965

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Nina Simone was one of the great iconoclasts of American music. Born poor and black in the southern United States, she had a lifelong love of J.S. Bach. Raised in the church playing gospel and steeped in the blues, for the first many years of her career, her repertoire was heavily rooted in Tin Pan Alley standards. Filed in most record stores under the heading jazz, she detested the term, feeling it was a racist way of classifying black performers. A diva to the nth degree, renowned for reducing promoters, record company personnel and journalists to tears, she had a playful and ingratiating sense of humor. Perhaps best known for the scathing protest songs she wrote and performed between 1963 and 1970, outside of those years, she rarely performed this material. An individualist of the highest order, Dr. Nina Simone was capable of doing just about anything once she took the stage. Fortunately, a number of her performances during the 1960s were filmed for broadcast on European television.

Nina Simone - Piano, Vocal, Rudy Stevenson - Guitar, Lisle Atkinson - Bass, Bobby Hamilton - Drums
1. Brown Baby
2. Four Women
3. The Ballad of Hollis Brown
4. Tomorrow Is My Turn
5. Images
6. Go Limp
7. Mississippi Goddam