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Reggae musique avec Black Uhuru With Sly & Robbie : Dubbin' It Live

Publié le 13 Octobre 2012 par Gri-Gri International, Gri-Gri International, Jamaican ,Reggae, Ma solange oussou, New York, Blues, France, Love Paris, Music, Afrique, Sony, Hollywood, Europe


Black Uhuru and Sly & Robbie reunite to take Europe by storm!
In July 2001, Black Uhuru and Sly & Robbie took Europe by storm. This 1 hour, 20 minute DVD contains the unedited, uncut, entire concert they gave in Nyon, Switzerland, where they closed the Paleo Festival. Through the late 80's and 90's, Sly & Robbie revolutionized Jamaican music by turning Reggae into Dancehall. They chose to reunite with Black Uhuru, whom they had helped become a leading force in the Reggae industry in the late 70's, early 80's. Black Uhuru's harder, more urgent sound proved to be an ideal vehicle for Sly & Robbie's creativity and greatly benefited from the Riddim Twins' desire to push the boundaries of Jamaican music in new and unheard of directions.