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Mr. Hollande, even yesterday I was a socialist - Malick Noël Seck

Publié le 17 Octobre 2012 par Malick Noël Seck Convergence Socialiste www.legrigriinternational.com in Sénégal 2011

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It is not without some emotion that I address you, Mr. President of the French Republic. An emotion less tied to your current course but rather linked to your socialist militant course, as general secretary of the Socialist Party and, finally, as the Socialist candidate, winner of a French presidential election which, according to the use and tradition, we Francophone African, have followed carefully. You have committed yourself to end the relationships marked by corruption, paternalism and economic agreements that merely promote monopolistic situations harmful to the interests of my people.

Louis Massignon said that the true, the only story of a human being, it is the gradual emergence of his secret desire through his public life.

So if you wanted for Africa this freedom you are singing in your hymns, that respect for human dignity and the rights of peoples to dispose of themselves stated in your constitution, the opportunity is given to you today to make the necessary changes  for actions to finally meet words.

In a few hours, in your way to Kinshasa, you will pronounce in my hometown Dakar, a speech which will no doubt, erase the bad impression left by your predecessor’s awkward insinuation. Nicolas Sarkozy, who during his only visit to Senegal in July 2007, did nothing to prevent himself from insulting us. This seems essential in the eyes of the French and not beyond intellectually; you will get there, and thereby follow the steps of Martine Aubry who said in the Social Forum in Dakar : "What the market has destroyed, what the money has rotten, what finance stole from companies and employees, and what production damaged on our planet, only politics and another model of society can restore it. Time is no longer about adapting systems it is about change of system. The crisis is total, the response must be global.” Time is no longer about statements without actions or intentions and figures. 

Your speech will have the double virtue to distinguish you from Nicolas Sarkozy andlessen the impact of the inevitable meeting with the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila. We know, we are "connected",  your hesitations and procrastinations such as legitimizing  by your presence or not an election of Congolese President Joseph Kabila that is hardly more convincing in the eyes of the free world as thoses of Ali Bongo and Alassane Ouattara. So long ago, like you, we were reducing Africa to its sole Francophonie, not to mention the Franc zone. 

When, after the election of Mrs Zuma as President of the Commission of Foreign Affairs, African Union actually becomes African, not only Francophone, most of our ministers and secretaries of state celebrate in Paris with french minister Moscovici, the fortieth anniversary of economic agreements that merely entrench the sustainability of the CFA franc (French Colonies in Africa) because no country can claim to be sovereign if it does not issue its own currency, interest-free and debt-free. As Meyer A. Rothschild, the founder of the largest banking dynasty in Europe, well said :

"Allow me to make a nation's currency and I not do care about who makes its laws.”

Therefore, France, controlling the issuance of our currency, controls all our nation’s  policies. You would agree that it will take more than a speech to change the nature of our relationship. State the principles for a new beginning based on mutual respect between our two countries and not on the "francophonie", "cooperation" or any other subordinate relationships. When you are in Dakar, M.Hollande, leave the main road and the eternal boulevards, enter the heart of the city and go look behind the protocol and take a look at the contrast between our ministers’ beautifully polished Mercedes and the state of our public schools, infrastructure, hospitals and our inexistent industries ! You will then understand why so many men and women left and  above all you will see the impact of an endemic corruption and a divorce between the individual and the state.

Since obviously he will come to meet you and I do not doubt your beneficial influence on him, would it be possible, Mr. President, to ask your fellow Socialist International Ousmane Tanor Dieng, who has been for  twelve years the Secretary General of the Socialist Party in Senegal, and who, for twelve years, also lost rigorously all elections, kindly explain why members of "his" office met "soviétiquement” to evict me from the party without any tangible explanation.

With all the cordiality from a Socialist Senegalese who still was socialist few days ago.

Malick Noël Seck

General Secretary of Socialist Convergence