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Le Gri-Gri International           Satirique africain francophone

Né au Gabon en 2001

Exposition en Italie avec "Lake autoportrait - Lake Varese in Roberto Caielli's and Davide Niglia's photos"

Publié le 23 Septembre 2011 par Gri-Gri International, Villa Borghi, Biandronno, Italy, UNESCO, Roberto Caielli, Davide Niglia, Ma solange Oussou in Les carnets de l'Ambassadrice


A one year trip with Polaroid and Impossible Project films, into the world of the last professional fishermen in Lake Varese, between past and future. A unique experiment that inaugurates an artistic and aethnographic unpublished path of absolute value.
From 1 to 23 october 2011, Villa Borghi, Biandronno (Va, Italy).