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Le Gri-Gri International           Satirique africain francophone

Né au Gabon en 2001

Asian Hip pop avec D-Unit (디유닛) - I'm Missing You

Publié le 10 Décembre 2012 par Gri-Gri International, Gri-Gri International, Jamaican ,Reggae, Ma solange oussou, New York, Blues, France, Love Paris, Music, Asian Hip pop avec D-Unit (디유닛) , Sony,, Europe

Members & Info:
RAM (Jeon Woo Ram) [1:01] has hair in buns / scene next to window - is younger sister of T-ara's Boram
ZIN (Kwnag Su Jin) [0:24] has long, light colored hair / scene in open room
UJIN (Jung Yoojin) [2:04] has short, orange colored hair / scene with bed
Only RAM and ZIN are permanent members of the group, the third member is to supposedly to change with every album