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Le Gri-Gri International           Satirique africain francophone

Né au Gabon en 2001

Adrien M - Cinématique, Digital Media Performance 2009

Publié le 23 Mars 2011 par Gri-Gri International, Adrien M ,Cinématique, Digital Media Performance, Oussou in Arts & culture


"An invitation to travel, to dream, to the game from this dream in all of us since childhood that may resurface at any moment, come and upset the rational principles that guide our modern existence.
A raft in the assault of the waves and begin the journey, crossing many materials as virtual landscapes. Lines, dots, letters, digital objects projected onto flat surfaces, weave poetic spaces that hug the body and gesture. The imagination turns opaque and solid colour to reveal the transparency and freedom of movement, desire and the infinite in all of us."
More info: http://www.adrienm.net/